July 22, 2017

Ibiza Inspected

September 29, 2016 Ryan

Ibiza is an island, in the Mediterranean Sea. One which is sadly devoid of dinosaurs, although some of its inhabitants do look distinctly scaly. When I went to Peru I hoped to find a bear […]

Mother Teresa – A Canonisation Trial

August 28, 2016 Ryan

I consider myself an expert on 3 things; late blog posts, 90’s kid’s TV shows and the history of Albanian nuns. On the 4th of September 2016 Mother Teresa is to be canonised as a […]

The 100% Factual Official Guide to Brexit

June 12, 2016 Ryan

For months on end now we’ve had to listen to two cults shrieking about a supposed apocalypse that can only be avoided by supporting them exclusively. I am of course, referring to the Brexit vote. […]

The Strange New Ghostbusters Trailer

March 13, 2016 Ryan

For the past year Sony has been haemorrhaging cash with a litany of bad movies. Their market share of the box office is now a miserable 8% with only Spectre and Hotel Transylvania passing the $100m […]

Stop the ‘Baby on Board’ Scourge

November 29, 2015 Ryan

One frivolous road based topic has crossed my mind multiple times when driving along the motorway. Its confusing tendrils drawing my mind away from my mild irritation at the white van occupying the passing lane of the motorway whilst driving a tepid 50mph. Seriously, just move to the middle lane! […]

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