January 23, 2018

Star Wars, The Second Last Jedi

December 24, 2017 Ryan

With Disney’s capture of Fox, they now have a chokehold on the film market. But can this movie empire keep the Star Wars series running at 12 Parsecs? The Last Jedi is broken down into […]

Fantastic Beasts Flumps

December 18, 2016 Ryan

I’ve noticed that many of my recent blog posts have been overly negative. That’s why I decided to write a review about the newest movie set in the Harry Potter universe with a hope that […]

The Strange New Ghostbusters Trailer

March 13, 2016 Ryan

For the past year Sony has been haemorrhaging cash with a litany of bad movies. Their market share of the box office is now a miserable 8% with only Spectre and Hotel Transylvania passing the $100m […]

Spectre is a Damp Squid

November 1, 2015 Ryan

This week I took a stroll into one of Belfast’s cinemas. I won’t say it’s name for legal reasons so we shall call it Nodeon. A small popcorn and coke set me back £3.20 and […]

David Cameron and His New Avengers

May 15, 2015 Ryan

What do politicians and super heroes have in common other than strong self-belief and a love of spandex? The ability to divide opinion is the surest of answers. If, however you were to suggest the […]