January 23, 2018

Game of Thrones – Gambling Guide

I feel congratulations are due to the Game of Thrones characters who have survived this long. 196 individual characters have died throughout the lifetime of the show and that’s not counting group battle deaths. It started with Waymar Royce (Episode 1: 5 minutes, 52 seconds) and ended with Walder Frey (Episode 60: 49 minutes, 3 seconds). 13 episodes remain and I expect the show to retain its ruthless streak.

For those of you feeling as morose as I, perhaps it’s time to put a few bets on who shall perish in this coming season.

Should you decide to take a trip to the bookies with a fiver in your hand or send some cash from your Nokia mobile phone to Bet 24/7 then this guide could help.


Team Stark

Even with Team Stark’s resurgence last season they are still in a very dangerous position. Jon holds the position of King in da Norf which is rather antithetical to Daenery’s claim on the Seven Kingdoms. They also have Petyr Baelish in their midst which takes everyone a step closer to death’s door. Should southern interests not prove a danger, the Starks still have to contend with the MASSIVE ZOMBIE ARMY coming their way. The Stark children are likely to survive this season, their allies on the other hand are not safe at all.


Team Wildling

Wildling’s have no king…but they do have a lot of White Walkers chasing them down. With Tormund going beyond the wall he is in grave danger.


Team Lannister

At this point the Lannisters might as well have “kill us now” tattooed upon their rumps. The Lannisters have little in the way of public sympathy, few allies and an army that just isn’t big enough to defend what they have.


Team Targaryen

Strong troop counts may be great but invasions always come with risks. Whether it be by deaths on the field of battle or by assassination, Team Targaryen is still going to take heavy casualties. Those on the frontlines, The Dornish and the Greyjoy Rebels, look most at risk. Daenerys will have to use her dragons in battle if she is to breach fortifications. This places Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal in harm’s way and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them dead by the end of the season.


Team Greyjoy

Euron’s war against the Greyjoy Rebels puts him in opposition to the Mother of Dragons, not an enviable position for anyone. He may record some early victories though.


Team Brotherhood Without Banners

The Brotherhood Without Banners seems in good condition with Frey power in the Riverlands in dramatic decline. Unfortunately Season 7 footage shows the Brotherhood going north, perhaps beyond the wall. A more dangerous place in Westeros is hard to find. All three of these are on Arya’s kill list.


Team Iron Bank

The Iron Bank of Bravos claims it always has its due but if Tycho comes to the Iron Throne hoping to leave with some cash he may leave without his head.


Team Arryn

Whilst the Arryn forces are mostly unharmed, they are split between the Vale and the North. Yohn is at constant threat from Littlefinger. He is very likely to be killed off by assassination or in battle as he assists Team Stark. Robin Arryn is more likely to get himself killed doing something foolish.


Team Maester

Only one notable member remains on this team (Sam is sure to meet some more though). The Maesters of the Citadell claim their true aim is to retain the knowledge of the Seven Kingdoms but who’s to say if that’s correct. One things for sure, if Maester Wolkan isn’t careful he’ll be joining the many dead bodies in the land around Winterfell.


Team Nights Watch

The noblemen of the Nights Watch number less and less. With so many Lord Captain’s perishing can Ed survive? Sam and Gilly my be far from the White Walkers but they are within reach of Randyll Tarly’s fury.


Team Unknown

For those whose allegiance is unknown lies colossal risk and chances of lofty reward.

Said Hodor three hours before Bran gave him a permanent mental disability.

The allegiances of a lot of these characters will be decided in the coming season. Petyr has played himself into a corner. If he can’t prove his worth to Sansa or force a Stark rift then he’s a dead man. Melisandre’s no-go list continues to expand and the Tarly’s political position is precarious.


Team White Walker

The Night King is unlikely to kick the bucket until Season 8. I don’t see his defeat this season at all but if you’re feeling like a real gambler, maybe he is the man to put your money on.

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